Mouth Care Tips

Does mouth care stress you out? Follow these tips for better mouth care in  your  facility.

    • Talk about MOUTH care instead of oral care.
  • Talk about FACTS
    • Good mouth care can PREVENT 1 in 10 pneumonias***
    • Brush 2 mins 2x a day
    • By writing GOALS for mouth care, you can spend BILLABLE TIME training staff
      • Example,”Pt will spit two times during mouth care with cues from assisting staff to reduce the risk of developing aspiration pneumonia.”
      • YOUR SKILL is the skill of assessing:
        • who is at risk to develop PNA
        • how that risk can be reduced
  • And don’t forget to PICK AND CHOOSE your battles…
    • Soak dentures, BUT STILL BRUSH THEM
    • FLOSSING makes MORE OF A DIFFERENCE than brushing
    • BAN TOOTHETTES for residents with teeth
    • If you have to skip the toothpaste, so be it.  BRUSHING is what makes the difference.
  • Train staff to be patient—Not every resident will allow mouth care right away.  Relationship building is a huge part of successful mouth care programming.  Other helpful hints:
    • Sing to the resident
    • Use a mirror so they can watch
    • Use hand over hand to facilitate participation and carryover

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