See the evidence with SDX

You know that an SDX FEES gives you the freedom of testing REAL food right in the resident’s room, in their typical eating position, allowing the resident to eat independently or even to be fed by staff or family members.  You know an SDX FEES is the optimal test for a resident when you are concerned about fatigue.
But do you know…
Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.59.01 AM.png
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A FEES provides that perfect top-down view that lets us actually view the tissue, identifying atypical redness, edema and cobblestoning that accompany reflux.  Because we are able to view after the swallow, we can keep monitoring for cricopharyngeal backflow as long as needed during a FEES.  When backflow occurs, we can then assess for the resident’s reaction, looking for the triggering of a reswallow and backflow clearance, or identifying the resident’s inability to clear the backflow.  Unlike an MBS, an SDX FEES lets you see what happens CONTINUOUSLY, with no “on and off” switch.
Know what’s really happening even after the swallow with SDX FEES!
 If you think your resident is having pharyngeal dysphagia complications with an underlying reflux, call your SDX FEES Specialist to review the case.
An SDX FEES can help identify strategies that work to minimize the impact of backflow.  Full-color photos actually show tissue irritation, facilitating MD diagnosis and treatment of reflux.


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