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The healthcare industry has a habit of releasing written work that is geared towards  professionals in the field, not taking into consideration that there are people who want to be informed that are not familiar with most medical terms. Here at SDX we have a desire to inform the public in anyway we can. While doing research there were a few articles that I found to be very informative and more importantly easy to read, I have listed them below.

Follow this link to read more about medications and swallowing with regard to Dysphagia. Articles are from the American Speech- Language and Hearing Association

Here is a list of medications that impact swallowing and why. The list was put together by the state of Connecticut, you may want to consider posting the flyer throughout your facility to keep yourself and others informed.


Important points for the SLP: Beers now includes proton pump for inhibitors as potentially in appropriate due to increased risk for bacterial infection….Why? Low acid means a bacteria-friendly environment! Aspirators of refluxate on PPIs are likely to get pneumonia because their stomach content is HIGH in bacteria. Read more below

Beer Criteria



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