Unthicken the Thickener

When we think about thickening liquids, it’s truly important to understand how beneficial SPECIFIC diet recommendations are…Can the resident tolerate shakes and supplements that are less viscous than most pre-thickened liquids? Can they tolerate straight tomato juice or apricot nectar? What about “mixed consistencies” like pills with liquid, noodle soup or even mandarin oranges? The best way to know what is safest is to test it out…One of the primary advantages to FEES-ing in post-acute care is that you can test anything, and you can test it over multiple trials. Enjoy these resources, they certainly put levels of thickened liquids into perspective. Because thicker isn’t always better!


thickener comparisons

viscosity chart common things liquids

viscosity levels for oral enteral feedings from nutrition411

thickener image

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