FEES-tastic outcomes: Making a difference with bedside scoping!

We had an SDX FEES patient last week who was in a predicament. He had been scheduled for an MBS who was scheduled a week out. Overall he had debility, end stage renal disease and coughing when eating a regular diet texture with thin liquids. However, it was found before the exam he was actually allergic to barium contrast used in an MBS procedure. Also his renal doctor also became involved and preferred he did not have any barium contrast whatsoever even if he wasn’t allergic. The FEES exam was scheduled and performed within 48 hours. The patient was anxious about the exam as he was prepared for an MBS and somewhat apprehensive regarding scope placement. However, after explaining the FEES exam and participating easily in the exam for 18 minutes, the scope was removed and he couldn’t believe “How easy and painless it was.”  He stated he would recommend a FEES to anyone he knew with a swallowing problem. He also appreciated that he was seen upright in bed without having to go outside of the facility as this is where he prefers to eat. The report and video was available in the SDX-FEES.COM secure e-cloud by the end of day for professional and SLP viewing.  #madeadifferencetothatone #nailedit!

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